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The Furnace Ventilator & Duct Cleaning

Your Furnace is the heart of your home

We want to service our general area and the rural area within roughly 150km . We dont want to charge any mileage/travel fees so the first 150km is on us. 

Our Services

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Residential Furnace & Air duct cleaning

-We clean the furnace and do a inspection.

-We offer unlimited vents

- Cleaning of Main Supply and Return duct lines


When burning wood you get creosote buildup in your chimney and it is highly flammable, creosote ignites, so does your chimney. The vacuum is placed in the fireplace to collect the soot & creosote. The chimney is then cleaned with air hose and the predator whip.

Air Conditioning bypass

Cleaning the bypass includes cleaning of the A/C coil itself while the ductwork is being cleaned, as it also requires regular maintenance.

Dryer vent

- Cleaning your Dryer Vent to reduce the fire hazard.

- It gives more airflow and saves you money

Hospital grade Sanitizer


All-Natural Disinfectant : One of the products that we use to disinfect ductwork is Benefect®, a completely natural disinfectant that is proven to kill 99.99% of germs. Benefect® can be used around children, pets and food.

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