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The Furnace Ventilator & Duct Cleaning

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Andrew Meisner


   I am a husband, father of three grown children and grandfather to three  beautiful granddaughters . I am really happy to have beautiful grandchildren that myself and my wife like to spend time with. We live right here in this great little city of Fort Saskatchewan,AB. We moved to the Fort in 2013 and love it here.

   I have worked in several industries such as heavy equipment, oil field, truck driver and other things over the years. It is time that we settle back and work for ourselves.

 I take pride in everything that I do and accomplish. We are locally owned and operated, providing clean fresh air at a reasonable price. We have no hidden fees and the final price will be given before the job is even started. We are fully licensed and insured and every job receives a receipt.

    Sometimes we think of ourselves and not of our homes, when it comes to health and wealth. 


Some of The Equipment that we are using

-We have a trailer mounted unit which is the same as a van mounted system

_Industrial Power Vac rated at 9000 cfm(cubic feet per min)

-Powered by a GX690 Honda engine

-The Champion air compressor is preset to run at a consistent 250 PSI with a 13HP Honda motor.Then a air hose is attached and used to clean the furnace and all vents of your system. All of our air tools utilize this air pressure to stir up the dust and debris in your system so that the vacuum can take it away.

This scorpion system is made up of rods and snakes that are hollow and carry high pressure air to the interchangeable agitation devices.

These rods have quick disconnects so they can be joined together quickly and allow you to push the agitation device up to 100' in the duct work and everything will go through a 1" hole (except for the SSFB).

The rods are designed not to come apart inside the duct.

Compressed air causes the tentacles on the predator and octopus whips to thrash in every direction at once hitting the duct work and wiping it clean.

If there are pieces of heavy debris that will not become airborne, you will use either a forward or reverse blowing skipper ball to push or pull the debris to the suction hose.

The Octopus Predator Whip has less “wallop” than the Mini Predator.

The Mini Predator Whip has less “wallop” than the Single Predator Whip.

The lighter the “wallop” the easier it is to clean fragile duct work. Eg. flexduct or insulated duct.



The Snake has scorpion quick disconnect on ends. Used for smaller ductwork such as cold air returns, supply vents and dryer vents. Made of 1/4" I.D. tubing which is the same plastic as our medium flexible rods (SS-1A). Stiff enough to push forward blowing balls down the return but flexible enough to go around elbows. Can connect to the rods.

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